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Chateau d Arcizans-Avant

tourist information guide

Address: 65400
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 97 02 79
Opening Times: Daily from Jul-Sep | Admission Charge

Chateau d'Arcizans-Avant is situated high above the valley of the Argeles-gazost, next to the National Park.

The dungeon is perhaps the oldest part of the castle built in 1120 by the Lords of Arcizans to protect their lands.  During the Hundred Years War, Chateau d'Arcizans-Avant was occupied by the English, led by Edward of Woodstock known as the Black Prince.

Edward was the eldest son of King Edward III of England.  At the age of 16, alongside his father, the Black Prince took part in the battle of Crecy and Cahors and in 1356 he won the battle of Poitiers and captured the French King Jean le Bon.  He was nicknamed the Black Prince due to his black armour.  His father Edward III gave his son control over much of Aquitaine.  However, his bad health meant that he was never to fulfil his destiny and he died in 1376 before his father.

You can visit Chateau d'Arcizans-Avant from July to September and also stay in one of their luxurious rooms.

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