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Chateau d Urtubie

tourist information guide

Address: Rue Bernard de Coral, Urrugne, 64122
Tel: +33 (0)5 59 54 31 15
Opening Times: Daily except Tues from July to 31 August pms only. | Admission Charge

Chateau d'Urtubie has belonged to the same family since it was first built in 1341.  Chateau d'Urtubie is an elegant creation constructed by Martin d'Urtubie with the permission of King Edward III of England (and Duke of Aquitaine).

Chateau d'Urtubie has seen much drama and comings and goings over the ages.  It was razed to the ground by a fire in the late 15th-century and transformed in the 16th- and 18th-centuries.  The last two alterations were made in 1745.

The fortified keep, outer walls with sentry way and door bordered by two towers date from the 14th-century.  The main building can only be described as Renaissance in style with its stone spiral staircase built in the 16th-century.

Chateau d'Urtubie interior is well worth a visit.  You'll see 17th-century Flemish tapestries and other furnishings from the 17th-, 18th- and 19th- centuries.  There is also a museum and exceptional gardens to visit.

Former residents of Chateau d'Urtubie include Louis XI who stayed here in 1463 and Louis XIV who established an earldom here in 1654.  Soult and Wellington also stayed here during the Napoleonic wars.

Chateau d'Urtubie is open daily from April to November only for visits. 

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