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Chateau de Castelnau

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Address: Château de Castelnaud, Castelnau-la-Chapelle, 24250
Tel: +33 (0) 5 53 31 30 00
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

Chateau de Castelnau was built between the 12th - 16th centuries and was the arch rival of Chateau de Beynac which lies almost directly opposite the river Dordogne.  Castelnau fell under English rule and Beynac under French rule, hence the rivalry.

The English were finally driven out in 1442 when the King of France declared a siege on Castelnau.  This was soon followed by the battle of Castillon which marked the end of the Hundred Year's War in 1452.

After almost a hundred years of continuous fighting, Castelnau enjoyed a period of relative calm.  This was a time for reconstruction and the fortress was transformed into a Renaissance style pleasure palace.

Today, there is a medieval warfare museum housed in some of the rooms with displays of daggers and catapults.  Superb views are to be had from Castelnau, not only of Beynac, but also of the surrounding area.

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