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Chateau de Cazeneuve

tourist information guide

Address: Prechac, Villandraut, 33730
Tel: +33 (0)5 56 25 48 16
Opening Times: Jun-Sep:pms; East-May:wends; Oct-Mar:pms on wends | Admission Charge

Chateau de Cazeneuve is situated high up above the Ciron Gorge.  The original foundations were laid down in the 11th-century but Chateau de Cazeneuve only took form in the 14th-century when it became a stronghold of the Lords of Albret.  In 1572, it became the property of Henri III of Navarre who later became King Henri IV of France.

Chateau de Cazeneuve is noted for its impressive interior courtyard surrounded by two-storey medieval buildings.  The south facing facade of the castle is flanked by two rectangular towers which overlook a dry moat.

A guided tour of the royal apartments is well worth a visit for its period furniture.  You'll see Spanish leather smoking chairs in the ground floor gallery and Queen Margot's drawing room is decorated solely in Louis XV style.  The bedchamber of Louis XVI contains possessions of Delphine de Sabran (Chateaubriand's lover).  There is also a 17th-century chapel and impressive bedroom of Queen Margot and King Henri IV.  You can still see Henri's original bed with sumptuous red and gold hanging tapestries.

Other highlights of the tour include troglodyte caves, a Gallo-Roman statue of a nymph, Merovingian sarcophagi and a large medieval wine cellar housing age-old Bordeaux wines.

If you get the chance, take a trip around the battlements overlooking the river.  The grounds of Chateau de Cazeneuve are also quite stunning with a lake, mill, bird island and unique bamboo grove.

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