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Chateau de Cenevieres

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Address: Cenevieres, 46330
Tel: +33 (0)5 65 31 27 33
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

Chateau de Cenevieres has a rich and colourful past.  Records date back as early as 767 when Chateau de Cenevieres, after four years of battle, fell from the hands of Waiffre de Gaiffier, Duke of Aquitaine, into those of King Pepin le Bref (Charlemagne's father).

A perhaps more interesting period in the chateaux's history is between 1561 and 1616 when Antoine de Gourdon, state advisor and captain of an army 50 men strong, played an important role as head of the Huguenots during the Wars of Religion.

Converted to Protestantism by the Queen, Jeanne d'Albre, de Gourdon played host to the young Henri de Navarre (future King Henri IV).  Other leading lights to visit Chateau de Cenevieres at this time include Theodore de Beze and poets Quercynnois Clement Marot and Olivier de Magny.  Later in 1580, when de Gourdon helped Henri take Cahors, de Gourdon became gouvernor of Cahors.

During the Revolution in 1792, Chateau de Cahors was plundered by the revolutionaries of Carjac.  Since this time, Chateau de Cenevieres has undergone continued restoration work.  Today, Chateau de Cenevieres is owned by Madame de Braquilangues who opened the castle to the public in 1957.

The wall paintings are exquisite with scenes of the Trojan War and Atlas and Hercules holding up the world.  There are usually art exhibitions that take place at Chateau de Cenevieres throughout the summer plus medieval days for family fun with re-enacted battles and musical performances.

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