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Chateau de Chambord

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Address: Domaine national de Chambord, Chambord, 41250
Tel: +33 (0)2 54 5040 00
Opening Times: Closed on 25th Dec, 1st Jan and 1st May | Admission Charge

Chateau de Chambord was an expression of François' I desire for power and extravagance and was designed to confirm his status as one of the greatest revolutionary builder's of his age.  In fact, Chambord is the Loire's largest residence adorned with the King's emblems (the letter F and the rather scary looking salamander). 

Chambord was originally intended to be Francois' hunting lodge due to the rich forestland of the Sologne that surrounds it.  It was also a mere two days ride from Paris!  In reality, the exuberant and headstrong King only managed to spend 42 days here during his reign.  However, Chambord was still known as a meeting place for hunting and sumptuous royal parties. 

Later, Chambord provided the perfect setting for many of Moliere's plays during the reign of Louis XIV who completed the chateau in 1685.

There are some delightful features to look out for at Chambord including the double-return stairwell in the centre of the keep designed by Leonardo de Vinci and the numerous turrets, spires and domes that adorn the roof terraces.

Getting Here: Chambord is easily accessible (A10 from Paris and Orleans exit 14 for Mer) or A10 from Bordeaux, Tours (exit 17 for Blois).  You could equally head for Blois and take a taxi or local bus.

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