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Chateau de Chateaugiron

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Address: Château de Chateaugiron, 35410
Tel: +33 (0)2 99 37 89 02
Opening Times: mid Jun - mid Sep: daily, by appt rest of yr | Admission Charge

Southeast of Rennes lies Chateaugiron, an imposing medieval fortress that was renovated between 1450 and 1470 by Jean de Derval.  Jean de Derval was a cultured man for his time and it was in Chateaugiron that the first 'History of Brittany' was written by Derval's secretary at the request of Queen Anne of Brittany.

Chateaugiron's six towers give the castle a magical, fairy-tale like quality.  The oldest part of the castle is the chapel which dates back to Roman times (13th century).  The donjon was then built between the 13th and 15th century with the two remaining and best preserved towers added sometime in the 15th century.

Further construction took place in the 18th century which saw the expansion of the medieval heart of the castle.  The splendid gardens to the east of the castle were also planted at this time.

To get a feel for the medieval splendour of this castle, enter via the main entrance (not a side entrance) and you'll walk through the first courtyard past the gardens.  You'll also see the modern stables on your left and the stone bridge which leads to a second courtyard called the Cour d'Armes.

Once you've explored the castle you may want to venture down to the charming, medieval village with its well preserved houses with wooden eaves and colourful daily market.

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