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Chateau de Kagenfels

tourist information guide

Address: Château de Kagenfels, Obernai, 67210
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 95 64 13
Opening Times: Weekend

Chateau de Kagenfels is situated in the Obernai forest and stands on a granite promontory 667m high.  Chateau de Kagenfels was recently 'unearthed' in 1999 and excavation work still continues.  What you see today are the remains of a five sided tower and surrounding walls.

Construction on Chateau de Kagenfels started in 1262.  It's a classic chateau-fort that witnessed four battles in 40 years between 1383 and 1424.  A fire destroyed Chateau de Kagenfels in 1426 caused by negligent guards who were taking a bath.

Heinrich von Hohenstein, a representative of the bishop of Strasbourg, decided to take on reconstruction of the castle in 1424.  When Heinrich died he passed on Chateau de Kagenfels to his son, Anton who remained owner until 1474.

Not unlike Chateau de Haut-Koenigsbourg, Chateau de Kagenfels served as a great location for observing and warding off invasion.  Anton even held a couple of local Obernois prisoners in his dungeons having confiscated their horses.

In 1503, Chateau de Kagenfels fell into the hands of Uttenheim zu Ramstein who equipped the castle with modern day artillery.  Despite the fact that the dimensions of the chateau-fort are relatively small, there are some interesting additions.  Take, for example, the small, private chapel found in the logis.  Archaeologists have also uncovered high quality ceramics at the site which suggests that the chateau has played host to many a powerful figure over the course of time. 

Chateau de Kagenfels is still under reconstruction or rather being 'unearthed' from the surrounding earth and vegetation that conceals it.  However, you are welcome to visit the site on the weekend when you may find a friendly archaeologist who is prepared to fill you in on the chateau's progress.

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