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Chateau de Lastours

tourist information guide

Address: Accueil Usine Rabier, Lastours, 11600
Tel: + 33 (0)4 68 77 56 02
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

The remains of four medieval castles occupy this site high above the village of Lastours.  The castles were called Cabaret, Tour Regine, Fleur d'Espine and Quertinheux and were part of the Cabaret fortress belonging to Pierre-Roger de Cabaret.  De Cabaret was the leader of a group of barons known for their intelligence, culture but warlike ways.  A strong defender of the Catholic faith, de Cabaret gave many fleeing Cathars a home here.  He also masterminded secret attacks on Simon de Montfort's troops in order to weaken the opposing army.

Simon de Montfort attacked Chateau de Lastours in late 1209 but without success.  However, because de Montfort had taken so many other Cathar strongholds in the region, de Cabaret negotiated a settlement with de Montfort which freed all Cathar residents in exchange for the surrender of Chateau de Lastours in 1211.

Chateau de Lastours came to the fore again after Simon de Montfort died in 1218.  De Cabaret moved back into Chateau de Lastours but again was forced to flee when the French took control in 1229.  The fortified village which was situated at the northern end of Chateau de Lastours was completely wiped out (excavations are taking place today).

Chateau de Lastours was reconstructed and survived for another five centuries until the French Revolution.  For a great view of Chateau de Lastours take a drive to the viewpoint on the opposite side of the Gresillon Valley.

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