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Chateau de Malvirade

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Address: Grezet-Cavagnan, 47250
Tel: +33 (0)5 53 20 61 31
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

Chateau de Malvirade was inherited by Eleanor of Aquitaine, eldest daughter of William Xth, Duke of Aquitaine.  She was the future Queen of France and then of England and inherited, along with Chateau de Malvirade, much of the region of Aquitaine.

Chateau de Malvirade was first named 'mal oriente' or 'badly situated' by the Romans due to its position at the border of the lands owned by the all powerful Counts of Toulouse.  It was Eleanor who ordered the construction of a rectangular tower, 3 storeys high in order to protect this strategic geographical position.  Chateau de Malvirade housed a cellar, communal living space, logis and a garrison ready to protect Eleanor's lands to the east.  The status-quo remained until 1453 which saw the end of the Hundred Years War and the Middle Ages.  The Renaissance era was born!

Pierre de Sacriste now became responsible for the reconstruction of Chateau de Malvirade.  It was Sacriste, an ally of the Albret family, who was responsible for using Bordeaux stone to rebuild Chateau de Malvirade.  Oak from the surrounding forests was used to produce the finest parquet floors, doors and windows.  The most skilled carpenters were employed to construct conical rooflines and impressive ceilings.  Not much remained of Eleanor's former tower.

During the reign of Francois Ist, Chateau de Malvirade was influenced by the ever growing penchant for everything Renaissance.  It was during this time that all of the eastern wing was reworked and a chapel built.  The gardens were also transformed to their present day splendour.

Not much is known of the fate of Chateau de Malvirade after 1794 except that it was abandoned for more than 50 years.  In 1990, Joel and Francoises Cuviller acquired the castle and began to renovate it.

Renaissance evenings in the chateau and its grounds may appeal if you wish to be transported back in time!

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