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Chateau de Morlanne

tourist information guide

Address: Morlanne, 64370
Tel: +33 (0)5 59 81 60 27
Opening Times: Mar-Oct | Admission Charge

Chateau de Morlanne was built in 1373 by Gaston Phoebus for his half brother Arnaud Guilhem de Bearn.  It was built due to Phoebus' strong determination to oppose the Kings of France and England in the Hundred Years War and retain Bearn's independence.  Gaston Phoebus built a network of fortifications surrounding the Bearn and Chateau de Morlanne was part of this defence system.

In later years, Chateau de Morlanne became the property of Odet d'Aydie, admiral of Guyenne in the 16th-century and the Marechal de la Force in the 17th-century who comforted Henri IV in his dying hours.

Chateau de Morlanne is a perfectly restored brick fortress surrounded by defensive walls with a rectangular towered gateway on the northern side.  There is an impressive collection of furniture inside the castle including paintings by Canaletto and Fragonard.  All of these objects and artworks help paint a picture of seigniorial life over the past 500 years.

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