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Chateau de Roquefixade

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Address: Château de Roquefixade, Roquefixade, 09300
Tel: + 33 (0)5 61 01 22 20

Chateau de Roquefixade is perched high up on a limestone crag occupying one of the most impressive yet precarious sites in Cathar castle country.  If you manage the climb up to the castle (don't forget your sturdy walking boots) you'll be rewarded with striking views that stretch as far as the Ariege mountains, the Pyrenees, Montsegur, Les Corbieres and Le Lauragais.

Although you may feel that the remains of Chateau de Roquefixade are rather scant, the history of Chateau de Roquefixade is nonetheless fascinating.  Chateau de Roquefixade was first built in the 11th-century.  However, it wasn't until the 13th century that it gained notoriety when it became a Cathar stronghold.  In 1200, Raymond de Pereille, Lord of Montsegur, married Corba de Lanta, whose family owned Chateau de Roquefixade. 

After the death of Simon de Montfort (who led the opposition against the Cathars) in 1218, the Cathars regained strength.  However, the King of France, Louis VIII, strengthened his mission to weaken the Cathar's position and his resolve won through.  The Languedoc Lords were forced to admit defeat and in 1229 the Counts of Toulouse signed the Treaty of Paris with the French Crown.  Languedoc lost its independence and was henceforth considered part of mainland France.

Although Chateau de Roquefixade did not, unlike Montsegur, Usson and other Cathar castles, play a pivotal role in the Crusade, it was Chateau de Roquefixade that became a retreat for the Cathar heretics after the Treaty of Paris was signed. 

At the end of the 13th-century, the French Crown took possession of Chateau de Roquefixade installing an army here.  Tragically, in 1632 the French King ordered the demolition of the castle (the remains of which we see today).

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