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Chateau de Spesbourg

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Address: Château de Spesbourg, Andlau, 67140
Opening Times: Contact Bernard:bernardenaux@aol.com

Chateau de Spesbourg sits on an outcrop of granite rock (452m tall) and is situated 35km southwest of Strasbourg and 3km from Barr.  Not unlike the other chateau-forts in Alsace, Chateau de Spesbourg occupied a strategic geographical position overlooking the Andlau valley.

Alexandre de Stahleck-Dicka (solicitor to the local Andlau Abbey) was responsible for its construction which dates back to sometime between 1246 and 1250.  It was deemed a necessary move to protect the military interests of the abbey.  Chateau de Spesbourg remained within the Dicka family until 1386 when Gauthier died without leaving an heir. 

Chateau de Spesbourg was altered slightly in the 16th-century and also set fire to by the locals when a powerful noble lord seduced one of the village girls.  Chateau de Spesbourg fell into ruin during the 17th-century after The Hundred Years War and the French Revolution and is now classed as a National Monument. 

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