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Chateau de Termes d Armagnac

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Address: Termes d'Armagnac, 32400
Tel: +33 (0)5 62 69 25 12
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

La Tour des Termes is a rather imposing and austere medieval tower which can be seen for miles around.  The tower is sadly all that remains of the magnificent chateau that was built here towards the end of the 13th-century for Jean Comte d'Armagnac.  Jean's son, Thibault was born in 1405 and became known for his heroic action against the English and his association with the maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc.  Thibault was a formidable character who battled against the English well into his fifties.

La Tour des Termes, together with a part of the north facade and the battlements is well worth a visit.  La Tour des Termes is a construction typical of the Gers region in that the public space of the chateau was separated from the private bedrooms of the residents (situated in the tower).  The tower itself is 36m high and typical of Gothic military architecture.  The keep is split over four levels and contains 150 steps inside.

There is a museum inside La Tour des Termes that paints an accurate picture of medieval Gascon life.  Exhibits include chain mail, armour and weapons from the Middle Ages.  There is also a room dedicated to Thibault de Termes and Henri de Navarre who organised a ball here in honour of Catherine de Medicis here in 1578.  The museum also charts the history of wine making in the area.

There are various events held at La Tour des Termes throughout the summer including concerts, art exhibitions, medieval markets and typical Gascon soirees.

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