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Chateau de Villandraut

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Address: Adichats, Maison Labat, Vilandraut, 33730
Tel: +33 (0)5 56 25 87 57
Opening Times: Daily apart from 1st Dec - 31st Jan | Admission Charge

Chateau de Villandraut is a fine example of a palace cum fortress.  Chateau de Villandraut was commissioned in 1305 by Garsie de Goth (Lord of Villandraut) and his little brother Bertrand who later became Pope Clement V.  Chateau de Vilandraut was constructed in a very short space of time between 1305 and 1312 with the finishing touches added in 1307-08 when Clement V came to stay.

The architecture of Chateau de Villandraut fulfils three roles which is typical of medieval fortresses.  It provided living quarters as well as protecting the area and it also symbolised the wealth and power of its owners.

A relatively large part of Chateau de Villandraut was given over to residential living (typical of medieval castles in Italy and the Middle East).  The three wings of the living quarters are laid out in a u-shape which enabled residents to separate their public and private lives.  The ground floor was given over to the stables and forge and also housed the servants and household staff. The first floor consisted of private rooms, a chapel and three antechambers in which to receive guests.

The defensive section of the castle is also impressive with square walls, surrounded by a large moat and six large towers (one of which was rased to the ground in 1592).  A drawbridge and portcullis protected the interior courtyard.

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