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Chateau des Rois Ducs

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Address: Sauveterre la Lemance, 47500
Tel: +33 (0)5 53 40 67 17
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

Chateau des Rois Ducs is one of the finest vestiges of Edward II's reign over Aquitaine.  Chateau des Rois Ducs is like a mini Welsh fortress built by the same King at the end of the XIIIth century.  However, the structure itself is less elaborate which meant that Chateau des Rois Ducs and its accompanying lands were constantly changing hands.

There are striking similarities between Chateau des Rois Ducs and the great Welsh castles.  Take note of the narrow archer's windows for example.  Chateau des Rois Ducs was burnt to the ground in 1789 and left abandoned for 200 years.  Renovation took place twenty years ago and it's now the perfect place to recreate the Middle Ages.

Chateau des Rois Ducs occupies a strategic geographical position overlooking two valleys and sits high up on a rocky crag.  Its dimensions are impressive with the length of the castle measuring over 100m.  Chateau de Rois Ducs consists of two smaller towers, one facing west and the other north.  There is also a main tower or donjon.  The three towers were linked at the same level by a wall which made communication effective at the time.

What's interesting about Chateau des Rois Ducs is the village that extends below it.  The village consists of only fifteen houses and there is only one permanent family living there as we write.

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