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Chateau du Bois Thibault

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Address: Lassay-les-Chateaux, 53110
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 04 74 33
Opening Times: Jul & Aug (call to book out of season) | Admission Charge

Chateau du Bois Thibault lies 1km from Lassay as you head towards Housseau on the road to Geneslay and Sept-Forges.  Chateau du Bois Thibault exudes a romantic and picturesque feel and was built on the site of an ancient feudal castle.

The oldest feudal Lord was Herbert I de Loge who married Catherine Mannier at some point between 1195 and 1197.  Herbert I built a chapel at this time in honour of his wife Catherine.  Chateau du Bois Thibault was passed on from generation to generation and was only abandoned by the de Loge Lords during the Hundred Years War when the English captured Normandy and lay siege to the nearby Chateau de Lassay.  The de Loge Lords took refuge in Anjou where one of the Lord's daughters (only 12yrs old at the time) met and married in 1429 Jehan III du Bellay.

The du Bellay family thus inherited Chateau du Bois Thibault and its associated lands from 1429 to the end of the 17th-century.  The du Bellay family brought great prestige to the chateau because Jehan II was a former chamberlain to Charles VII.

Chateau du Bois Thibault remained within the du Bellay family until 1663 and now belongs to Madame Soubrier who bought the chateau in 1988.  Great restoration work has taken place since then restoring the chateau to some of its former glory (Victor Hugo thought Chateau du Bois Thibault warranted a visit).

Whilst you stroll around the chateau, look out for a few of the 29 chimneys used to burn wood in feudal times and the spiral staircase which runs through the centre of the castle.  There are also two towers, one which dates back to the 14th/15th-century and the other to 18th-century.

You can call the chateau out of season to book a guided tour.  Tours are available daily throughout the summer.  Concerts and exhibitions also take place here.

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