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Chateau le Bouilh

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Address: Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, 33240
Tel: +33 (0)5 57 43 06 59
Opening Times: Daily | Admission Charge

Chateau le Bouilh was on its way to becoming the most grandiose chateau of the reign of Louis XVI.  However, work begun on Chateau le Bouilh in 1789 which saw the start of the French Revolution.  As a result, the work was never completed.

The architect, Victor Louis (who was responsible for the Neoclassical Grand Theatre in Bordeaux) had plans for two main logis linked by a raised colonnade.  However, only one of the logis with its lower wing was ever completed.  The main facade is still impressive and supports a balustraded terrace.  A two storey colonnade sits above this with Mansart style roof terraces perched on high above.  You'll see how suddenly building work stopped at Chateau le Bouilh as the column capitals remain stone blocks.

Chateau le Bouilh was commissioned by Jean-Frederic de la Tour du Pin who, following a brilliant military career as a provincial commander, had been recently appointed Minister of War by Louis.  He wanted a residence in which to receive the King but thought it wise to halt work so that the public didn't believe that he was creating a lavish personal residence at their expense.

Although the exterior may not have received the full intended treatment, the interior did boast of Louis XVI panelling.  A staircase replica of Victor Louis's Grand Theatre was also inserted into the low side wing.

The Marquis was guillotined in 1794 and the rest of the family fled to the USA to escape death.  Chateau le Bouilh was destroyed on their return with not so much as a chair to sit on.  After the Marquis's son joined the plots by the Duchesse de Berry to restore the Monarchy back to the Bourbons he was condemned to death and the family again fled from Chateau le Bouilh to Lausanne.

The new owner was M. Hubert de L'Isle whose beautiful daughter was the subject in one of Alphonse de Lamartine's poems.  Her daughter, Noeline married Comte Edouard de Feuilhade de Chauvin, whose descendents own Chateau le Bouilh today.

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