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Chateaux in Dordogne

Aquitaine was once a region that covered most of the South West of France and was heavily influenced by the English who fought and lost the Hundred Year's War from 1345 to 1453.

However, it was Plantagenet architecture (also known as Angevin) that made its mark here moving away from the traditional Romanesque and Gothic styles.  The period 1250 to 1350 was particularly prolific with large ducal and royal palaces being built with the utmost attention to detail given to the construction of the residential quarters and the military strongholds alike.

This is a great spot for castle lovers which includes the fine Renaissance Chateau de Puyguilhem and Medieval Chateau de Bourdeilles to the north and northwest (known as Perigord Vert) surrounded by fields and forests.  To the south you'll find the Perigord Noir area known for its vast forests and many chateaux including Chateau de Castelnaud and Chateau de Beynac.  Along with the prehistoric sites along the Vezere Valley there's much to discover here.......

Our Favourite Dordogne Chateaux

Chateau de Beynac
Beynac-et-Cazenac, 24220
a fine example of a Medieval fortresses which has passed between English and French hands on numerous occasions

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Chateau de Bourdeilles
Bourdeilles, 24310
combines a 13th century fortress with elegant Renaissance residence

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Chateau de Castelnau
Castelnau-la-Chapelle, 24250
a hilltop castle which fell under English rule with medieval warfare museum

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Chateau de Hautefort
Hautefort, 24390
the elegant 17th century Château de Hautefort is one of the finest in southwest France

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Chateau de Lambertye
Gerbevillers, 54830
a fine turreted Château rebuilt three times after the English burnt it under Charles VI

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Chateau de Puyguilhem
Villars, 24530
a fine Renaissance Château near Villars

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