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Chateaux in Gers

From the 11th to the 13th century housing in the Gers region became organised around fortresses, castles and churches.  This type of housing setup was known as a 'castelnaux' and seemed to have appeared in the second half of the 11th-century.  They were often built on rocky spurs overlooking the surrounding countryside (see Chateau de Lavardens).

During the Hundred Years War both the French and English Kings built castles along the frontier that was established in the late 13th-century.  In total, there are over 500 castles in the Gers many dating back to this period in history.

The Gers chateaux are also associated with Henri de Navarre (the future King of France).  He was owner of Chateau de Lavardens at one time and also organised a ball at La Tour des Termes in honour of Catherine de Medicis in 1578.

Our Favourite Gers Chateaux

Chateau de Cassaigne
An elegant château and the homeplace of Armagnac liqueur.

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Chateau de Caumont
Samatan, 32130
A huge brick and stone Renaissance château built for Henri III's favourite the Duke of Epernon.

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Chateau de Lavardens
Lavardens, 32360
A mix of elegant and austere architecture once the military stronghold of the Counts of Armagnac.

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Chateau de Termes d Armagnac
Termes d*Armagnac, 32400
An austere medieval tower which can be seen for miles around.

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