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Chateaux in Hautes-Pyrenees

Many chateaux of the Hautes Pyrenees have been influenced by the Sicard de Lordat, a military engineer employed by Gaston Phoebus, the 14th-century powerful Bearn Lord who opposed the Hundred Years War and wanted to create a unified Pyrenean state.  Phoebus had a network of castles constructed in order to protect his lands, for example, Chateau de Montaner.

Many of these chateaux were built of brick rather than stone to save money.  The single tower served as a keep and a gateway.  The living quarters and the barracks were built against the inside of the curtain wall.

The Wars of Religion (16th-century) and the 17th-century earthquake took its toll on many of the chateaux in this region (see Chateau de Lourdes).  However, some sort of restoration work has been undertaken (by Vauban in 1685 or more recently in the 1970's) which means that at least some the former glory of these chateaux still lives on today.

Our Favourite Hautes-Pyrenees Chateaux

Chateau de Montaner
Montaner, 64460
A symbol of medieval harmony is evident in the 40m high donjon of this Château built by Gaston Phoebus.

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Chateau de Lourdes
Lourdes, 65100
Visit this fortress château that houses an excellent museum charting the history of Pyreneen flora and fauna.

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Chateau de Mauvezin
Mauvezin, 65130
An impressive fortress with many illustrious owners.

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Chateau d Arcizans-Avant
Arcizans-Avant, 65400
Visit or even stay in this renovated château home to the Black Prince.

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