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Chateaux in Loir-et-Cher

The Loir-et-Cher is blessed with some of the most sumptuous chateaux that France has to offer.
Its proximity to Paris and mild climate made it an obvious choice for the Royal Court.
The Loir-et-Cher was also perfect hunting ground with vast forestland and waterways.

There's a chateau here to suit every taste and architectural interest from the Renaissance splendour
of Chambord and Chenonceau to the feudal Chateau de Chaumont and the more classical Chateau
de Cheverny

Quite simply chateaux heaven!

Our Favourite Loir-et-Cher Chateaux

Chateau de Cheverny
Cheverny, 41700
The most sumptous interior of all the Loire Chateaux fronted by a neoclassical facade with canals waiting to be discovered

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Chateau de Chenonceaux
Chenonceau, 37150
A romantic feast for the eyes and one of the most popular Renaissance Chateaux of the Loire

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Chateau de Chaumont
Chaumont sur Loire, 41150
Originally built as a fortress by the counts of Blois, Chaumont is more military in style than some of the traditional Loire Chateaux

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Chateau de Beauregard
Cellettes, 41120
Built as a hunting lodge for the flamboyant Francois I

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Chateau de Blois
Blois, 41000
Four Different Chateaux rolled into one where all 6 Kings of the 16th century lived

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Chateau de Chambord
Chambord, 41250
One of the grandest Chateaux which Henry James once described as "truly royal".

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