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Chateaux in Lot-et-Garonne

The Lot-et-Garonne department stands on the ancient border of Agen and Perigord and has always been (along with its chateaux) bitterly fought over.  This is particularly true of the period between 1122 and 1204 when Agen became a political pawn after the marriage of Henri Plantagenet to Eleanor of Aquitaine.  For example, Eleanor ordered a watchtower three storeys high to be built on the site of Chateau de Malviraud to protect her lands.

The region and its chateaux didn't fair much better during the Hundred Years War which began in 1345.  Much of the region fell to the English Crown who only finally receded in 1453.  During this period many of the chateaux in the Lot-et-Garonne were destroyed in some way, for example, the English tower at Chateau de Biron.

Some of the chateaux of the Lot-et-Garonne also played an important role in the Wars of Religion which began in 1562, for example, Chateau de Cenevieres which was owned by Antoine de Gourdon (head of the Huguenots during this time).

However, don't despair!  The chateaux of the Lot-et-Garonne also have some of the Renaissance flair so well loved of the Loire chateaux.  This includes Chateau de Malvirade and Chateau de Biron which were influenced by the ever growing penchant for everything Renaissance during the reign of Francois 1st.


Our Favourite Lot-et-Garonne Chateaux

Chateau de Biron
Perigueux, 24000
Boasts architecture from different ages and was the setting for the film 'Les Visiteurs II)

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Chateau de Cenevieres
Cenevieres, 46330
One of the most beautiful Renaissance chateaux in the area with celebrated painted ceilings.

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Chateau de Malvirade
Grezet-Cavagnan, 47250
Originally inherited by Eleanor of Aquitaine to protect her lands to the East, Château de Malvirade is well worth a visit.

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Chateau de Bonaguil
Saint-Front sur Lemance, 47500
One of the last fortified chateaux to be built in France.

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Chateau des Rois Ducs
Sauveterre la Lemance, 47500
One of the finest vestiges of Edward II's reign.

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