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Chateaux in Maine-et-Loire

Maine-et-Loire boasts some of France's most visited castles.  This is probably due to the variety of castles on offer here.

You'll find Renaissance gems such as Chateau de Serrant, chocolate-box wonders such as Chateau de Brissac and medieval fortresses such as Chateau de Plessis-Bourre and the 13th century Chateau d'Angers.

Lesser well known castles include the imposing Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay and the military style fortress of Montsoreau which has been recently renovated.

Our Favourite Maine-et-Loire Chateaux

Chateau d Angers
Angers, 49100
A fine example of a Feudal castle famed for its tapestry 'L'Apocalypse'

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Chateau de Serrant
St Georges-sur-Loire, 49170
A Renaissance wonder with lavish interior and library housing over 12,000 books

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Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay
Montreuil-Bellay, 49260
An imposing, medieval, fortress-style Château

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Chateau de Brissac
Brissac, 49320
You can rent a room at Château de Brissac and enjoy a tour of its some 200 rooms and grounds of cedar trees

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Chateau de Saumur
Saumur, 49418
A fairy tale château that stands on the Loire river.

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Chateau de Plessis-Bourre
Plessis-Bourre, 49460
A medieval fortress with Renaissance interior surrounded by wide moats and two drawbridges

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Chateau de Montsoreau
Montsoreau, 49730
A military style fortress that literally rises out of the Loire river.

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