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2 Place du Général de Gaulle BP 160 Aix en Provence

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Birthplace of the painter Paul Cézanne, Aix sits in the heart of the Provence countryside near the river Arc. In the middle ages it was actually the capital of the region and became an artistic centre and a seat of learning.

In the middle of town is a wide thoroughfare known as the Cours Mirabeau, punctuated by three fountains and lined with rows of plane trees and cafés where the Aixois society go out to "see and be seen". No.55 along this street is where Cézanne grew up. If you are interested in Cézanne's life then you can follow the Cézanne trail, a circuit marked out by a series of brass markers in the pavement. The start of this is at the tourist office, where you can pick up a free booklet entitled "Cézanne's Footsteps" which accompanies the walk.

Going north from Cours Mirabeau, you enter the old town full of the beautiful architecture of mansions dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Good shopping can be had in this area, especially on market days which are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Don't forget to buy "calissons", traditional almond and glazed melon sweets made in Aix since 1473. Also the locally produced olive oil is highly recommended.

Further north is the cathedral of Saint-Sauveur, a church consisting of a mixture of different architectural styles crowned by an octagonal bell tower. Inside you can see its most famous treasure, Nicolas Froment's "Triptyque du Buisson Ardent" of 1476. Just next door to the cathedral is the 17th century bishop's residence L'Archêché, the venue for the festivals operas. There is also a Tapestry Museum here.

If you come to Aix in the summer, it is very likely there's a festival on. The most famous one of them is the International Opera Festival featuring celebrity opera and classical music during the last three weeks of July. The free monthly guide "Le Mois à Aix" will tell you what's on while you're there. Alternatively check with the Boutique du Festival.

Aix is a natural base for exploring the quintessential Provence countryside that has been made famous in no small part by the Cézanne and Van Gogh paintings of the region. Cézanne produced a lot of paintings of Montagne Sainte Victoire which lies east of Aix. Around the south side of it runs Route Cézanne, a very rewarding 60km drive which offers striking and unspoiled views. West of Aix on the D64 is the Aqueduc de Roquefavour, a three-tiered aqueduct twice as high as the Pont du Gard built in 1847 within the Arc valley. For the wine connoisseurs, there are many wine growers in the Coteaux d'Aix en Provence AOC district that welcome visitors. Wine lovers may also appreciate that Aix holds a wine festival at the end of July.

Aix is an elegant and hugely popular destination for tourists. You only have to look to the high foreign student population as evidence.

What to See - Aix-en-Provence Attractions

Boutique du Festival Location Map
11 Rue Gaston de Saporta, Aix en Provence 13100
headquarters and booking office for Aix's festivals
| Tel: +33 (0) 442 17 34 34

Musée Granet Location Map
13 Rue Cardinale, Aix en Provence
containing an excellent collection of paintings, some acquired by the legacy of the Aix painter Granet (1775-1849), including Cézanne, Granet and Rubens; also pre-Roman archeological artifacts
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-12h, 14h-18h; closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0) 442 38 14 70

Musée Arbaud Location Map
2a Rue 4-Septembre, Aix en Provence
exhibiting of books about Provence, paintings, sculpture, and regional porcelain
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 14h-17h; closed Sun | Tel: +33 (0) 442 38 38 95

Atelier Cézanne Location Map
9 Ave Paul Cézanne, Aix en Provence 13090
Cézanne's studio and garden located outside the ramparts to the north
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-11h50, 14h-16h50; closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0) 442 21 06 53

Musée d'Histoire Naturelle Location Map
6 Rue Espariat, Aix en Provence
collection of mineralogy and paleontology including some dinosaur eggs from this region
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-12h, 14h-18h; closed Sun am | Tel: +33 (0) 442 26 23 67

Musée des Tapisseries Location Map
28 Place Martyrs de la Résistance, Aix en Provence
a tapestry museum, including a series of tapestries based scenes from "Don Quixote"
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-12h, 14h-17h45; closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0) 442 23 09 91

Musée Vieil Aix Location Map
17 Rue Gaston de Saporta, Aix en Provence
a collection of local items includes santons (i.e. clay figurines) and marionettes, housed in the 17th-century Hôtel d'Estienne de St-Jean
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-12h, 14h-17h; closed Mon | Tel: +33 (0) 442 21 43 55

Pavillon Vendôme Location Map
32 Rue Célony, Aix en Provence
a 17th century country residence, containing paintings and furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 10h-12h, 14h-17h; closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0) 442 21 05 78

Cathédrale Saint Saveur Location Map
Rue J de Laroque, Aix en Provence
a cathedral incorporating architectural features from the 5th to 18th centuries
| Opening Times: 7h30-12h, 14h-18h

Fondation Vasarely Location Map
1 Ave Marcel Pagnol, Jas de Bouffan 13090
building is made of large hexagonal structures, each facade alternating white-with-big- black-circle and black-with-big-white-circle
| Admission charge | Opening Times: 9h30-12h30, 14h-17h30; closed Tue | Tel: +33 (0) 442 20 01 09

Entremont Oppidum Celto-Ligure Location Map
Plateau d'Entremont, Aix en Provence
archeological remains of an iron-age fortified town, 3km north of Aix
| Opening Times: 9h-12h, 14h-18h; closed Tue